Olive Oil

The traditional method of making olive oil from the fruit is still the same today as it has been for thousands of years. At harvest time, which varies from region to region, olives are harvested by hand, and collected in nets placed around the foot of the tree. A day or two later, the olives are taken to the mill. Giant stones are used to crush the olives and pits into mash.

The olive mash goes into a centrifugal machine. The best oil comes first and is virtually a natural separation of the fruit which needs little pressing and no heat is applied.

Since extra virgin olive oil is simply fruit juice without any additives, its quality and taste are influenced by the varieties of olives, the terroir where they were grown, and the countless decisions and production practices of a dedicated producer.

This is the famous “first cold pressed” or Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Olio extra vergine di oliva (IT) or Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra (ES)

There a different varietes of olives : Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and many more.

Depending on the season the harvested fruit is brought to frantoio nearby to make extra virgin olive oil in the best conditions.

Harvesting is always a joined effort of many souls that have a passion for nature an healthy food. Whole families , young and old join together to do the harvest with at noon a lunch in the olive grove.

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